Adding Domain Aliases

Additional domain names can be pointed to your website hosted on either a cPanel Linux or a Plesk Windows Hosting package.

Parked Domains under cPanel See details

Domain Aliases under Plesk See details

Additional Information
  • For each Domain Alias that you submit, you would need to point this aliased domain name to your primary domain name (for which you have bought Hosting).

    This can be accomplished by either one of these ways:

    1. Option 1:

      On the existing Name Servers of the Domain Alias, create 2 Address Records (A Records) pointing to your primary domain name. The Address Records can be viewed by clicking the Name Server Details link within the Order Details view page of the Web Hosting Order. Notice the first 2 Address Records and request your current DNS Service Provider to replicate them for your alias domain name.

    2. Option 2:

      If you have registered the alias domain name through OPTIDIGITAL and your current DNS Service Provider does not allow you to create these Records, then you can follow the process listed below:

      1. Search for the domain name for which you have purchased the Web Hosting package and go to the Order Details view. See details

      2. Click the Name Server Details link and note the first 2 Address Records.

      3. Replicate these Address Records for the alias domain name that you wish to add to your Web Hosting Order, from within the DNS Management Console of the alias domain name. See details